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Immigrant Voices

Ecuador, Mexico & Colombia

“Migration is made up of many stories that have similarities, but also many differences that sometimes are not seen and are not known. Migration has a face, has a voice, and represents someone.” -Paola Viteri, Historian and Videographer


Immigrant Voices Short Film

This excerpt from Immigrant Voices was created by Paola Viteri, a Historian and Videographer. The full short film can be viewed at the following link: Immigrant Voices.

“This short film presents the testimonies of immigrants from Latin America, that talk about the meaning,… their meaning of immigration and being an immigrant. These voices and other immigrant voices are the ones that really know what is immigration and what it is to be an immigrant. Their meaning is completely different from the views or opinions of the media, the academy, and politicians.

The testimonies of those interviewed were obtained from the development of oral interviews, which were conducted in different locations, respecting the privacy and identity of those interviewed. This short film does not show the faces of the interviewees only their voices. The sound quality of the oral interviews are not always optimal.” -Paola Viteri, Historian and Videographer

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