Current Exhibitions at QHS

By popular demand:
'Toys & Games from the Attic & Beyond' exhibition has been extended!
Open through Sunday, July 16.
Don't miss it!

"Toys & Games From the Attic and Beyond!

Step back into your childhood and experience the magic of the toys of yesteryear. Indulge yourself in nostalgia, learn about toys and games from across the world, and discover toys you've never even heard of! The Queens Historical Society presents our newest exhibition, Toys & Games From the Attic and Beyond! This exhibit features dozens of playthings and collectibles -- everything from an antique Chinese pinball game to a Star Wars collection to the Queens-born Fantastic Mr. Machine! Learn about the importance and history of generations of toys and games.
On view from July 2016 to Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Kingsland: Past to Present

Now on display in our main hallway is an exhibit on the history of the Kingsland Homestead and the family that made it their home for over 100 years. From the construction of the house by Charles Doughty, through the generations of the King family, to becoming the first landmark in Queens in 1965. Learn the story of one family's journey as a reflection of the American experience."

Victorian Parlor

The Kingsland Victorian Room has been modeled to appear as it would have in the year 1870. This year was chosen since it represents a transitional period for the Murray family. At this point, it was already several years since the death of the youngest son Edward, who died during the Civil War. The second oldest son William had just married Annie Cornelia Mitchell in 1868 and moved into Kingsland with his young fam- ily. It was also two years before the death of the family matri- arch, Mary Ann King. At this point the house would have been home to ten people, including two young couples and their children.

Aunt Mary's Landing

Mary King Murray was affectionately referred to as "Aunt Mary" by her family. Aunt Mary resided at Kingsland from 1847 until the 1920s. She is the linchpin in the history of Kingsland and its owners from its construction in 1785 until its sale during the Depression of the 1930s. Aunt Mary saved numerous mementoes from her great grandparents, grandparents, and her parents. Displayed on Aunt Mary's Landing are these handed down memories along with other personal items that were part of her everyday life from childhood to adulthood.